Live like a Heretic

Welcome to the Dark Ages
A model of realiy that fits

A Seriously Rough Draft

What if a compulsory secular religion spread out to every corner of the globe, then was turned over to local administrators? I propose this has actually happened, and fairly recently. Strap in!

The word 'religion' does not imply theism; it simply means 'to bind' (Latin, religae) or 'law' (Arabic, din). Has a common system of law been spread at gunpoint around the globe over the past half millennia? More importantly, is it founded on logic or superstition? You can answer that. Are these logical positions?

  1. Individuals can delegate rights which they themselves don't have
  2. Morality can be modified through legislation
  3. Obedience is a virtue

These are the core doctrines of Statism, a name that's unlikely to ring any bells, although the teachings will. They are drilled into us as children in their compulsory indoctrination compounds where we spend our formative years.

Just add one pinch of your own logic then stir a few minutes' thought into each of the above superstitions to free your mind (if not yourself) from the most deadly belief system in history.

Disclaimer: Compulsory religions are notoriously dangerous to abandon. Heretics can live out our entire lives in peace, voluntarily interacting with people, only to be put to death on the spot if we resist being seized or refuse punishment from a man in a robe.

Bonus: No man can legally buy nor sell without bearing a mark of his or her faith in the State. The 'fiat' in fiat currency means it's value is derived from decree, therefore we physically trade on symbols of our faith in the one from whose mouth the decree is issued.